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Plachak valley trek

Plachak valley Trek is arranged in the region of Kangra, Himachal Pradesh. plachak valley is extremely delightful. A short little trip close to rajhgundha town this journey is fundamentally known for its valley excellence. There are just a couple of journeys left that are least investigated by sightseers.

Ideal For: Backpackers and adventure seekers

Idea duration: 2-3days

Best time to visit: June-September

How to reach: firstly, traveling begins from billing and we need to arrive at Raj Gunda town which is 8-10 km from billing.

  • During the journey, we will go through the woods of Deodara, Rhododendron, blue pine, green oak, earthy colored Oak, and silver fit trees.
  • Trail step by step goes till 2700 mts at Channa ghat mod. From channa, we can also trek for HanumanGarh.
  • This trek will take 2-3hours of uphill trekking, for the interested peoples who want to enjoy quality time with the mountains.
  • The add-on trek is the suggestion for those who have the time of 2,3 days to explore.
  • later path goes downhill till Raj Gunda town and afterward Kukar gundha town, and searchers can travel to the base of Thamsar pass called panarthu.

We arrive at Plachak in the wake of traveling for more than 2 hrs. Plachak is on the opposite side of the waterway Uhl, which can be crossed with ad-libbed connect.

Plachak has a timberland visitor house, without any beds. searchers can travel the base of the thamsar pass called panarthu. thamsar pass is the last perpetual construction before Bada Bhangal town.

Bada Bhangal town most ancestral piece of Himachal and the journey which is actually followed by local people for exchange more than a vacationer.

Things to do:(Plachak valley trek )

  • This place is serene so you can meditate here.
  • river side barbeque.
  • seekers can touch the thamsar pass.

Nearby famous places: barot valley, thamsar pass, dehnasar lake

Tejeshwar Thakur

my name is tejeshwar but my friends call me teju. I live in a scenic mountain state called himachal . I love shoting videos you can call me a bit of adventure seeker and i absolutely loved the mountains. living in state like himachal has it's very own rhythm. my friends and i often take off on short little trips, we loves driving ,riding,hiking ,paragliding and barbaeque with the view of nation.

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