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The hidden gem of Himachal Pradesh, winch-camp is known for its trolly lines.haulage trolley is India’s highest funicular railway track. The haulage trolley is installed in 1928 by colonel B.C Batty and his team. above all, the most unique thing about this trekking trail is the trolley/haulage way car that connects Joginder Nagar valley to Barot valley and is situated in district Mandi Himachal Pradesh.

Ideal For: Backpackers and adventure seekers
Idea duration: 2-3 days
Best time to visit: anytime, heaven on earth.

How to reach: so, starting this trek we have to reach bridge mandi which is approx. (3km) far from Joginder Nagar city. we have two options to start this trek. One is from zimzima village and the second-one is from bridge mandi both the routes will meet in 18 number station. Above all 2-3hour we needed to reach the final destination. additionally, seekers can visit the barot valley from winch camp. it will take 3-4hours to reach barot valley.


The trek is fully uphill and for haulage trolley, there are few stations such as Shanan powerhouse,18 number, etc. It takes 5-6 hours to reach the main destination and within 2hours of the trek, we can see Joginder Nagar valley from where we can see our dhauladhar range. seekers can go along with trek to Barot valley via Head Gear.

Though this haulage trolley lies in Himachal Pradesh but is managed by Punjab Government.

Things to do:

  • Visit Barot valley known for its trout fish, which offers extraordinary options for trekking, camping, and other adventure activities.
  • In this beautiful place don’t miss the golden hours of the day means the sunset is the full worth of this place.
  • Yes, camping is a must on this trek.
  • This place is serene so you can meditate.
  • Explore nature.
    Nearby famous places: Barot valley, Bir-billing, Phuladhar, Plachak valley

Tejeshwar Thakur

my name is tejeshwar but my friends call me teju. I live in a scenic mountain state called himachal . I love shoting videos you can call me a bit of adventure seeker and i absolutely loved the mountains. living in state like himachal has it's very own rhythm. my friends and i often take off on short little trips, we loves driving ,riding,hiking ,paragliding and barbaeque with the view of nation.

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